About the Little Way Campaign

Like Saint Therese of Lisieux, and the One she patterned her life after, we believe in the power of the “little way.” It is the counterintuitive way of mustard seeds and yeast.  It is the kingdom calculus of little acts that make a big difference.  If you share our commitment to the little way and have found value in our work we’d like your help.

We are asking our friends in North America to help us expand our individual donor base to help shoulder the work.  Our goal is to grow our base of individual monthly supporters.  We are hoping for 50 new individual monthly donors. We are praying for mustard seeds of $25, $50, or $100 a month.

In turn, our commitment is to leverage these gifts to expand our own local support base for the work in communities marked by poverty and violence.  These communities will find it hard, if not impossible, to match our gifts dollar for dollar.  Nevertheless, they live extravagantly generous lives in ways that might seem foreign to North Americans and they are eager to sow their own mustard seeds together with ours.

Over the years, we have been funded by a few very generous supporters, who have invested a great deal of trust in us and have given us the freedom to develop our work out of the spotlight and under the radar.  As a result, together with the network of other CTM organizations, we’ve trained more than 2,500 grassroots leaders in church basements, community centers, informal settlements, garbage dumps and prisons in 26 cities and 14 countries around the world.  The poor are served, projects are initiated, communities are built, and lives are changed.  All of this, because we were given the chance to try out some crazy stuff in some crazy ways by a generous few who believed in us.  In a word, we were given permission to fail and as a result we’ve stumbled upon some “success” in some very surprising ways.

Since our humble beginnings in 1999 in Philadelphia, CTM has grown into a network of four separate but related organizations:  CTM KenyaCTM Dominican RepublicCTM Guatemala and the Street Psalms Resource Center which is the North American office.

In Guatemala we are evolving into a faith-based intermediary committed to Christ-centered urban renewal that helps move individuals and organizations from good intentions to effective outcomes through leadership development, spiritual formation and organizational capacity building.

We need partners willing to help us grow up and into this new and expanded vision.  

If you want to read more about what brought us to this point, click here.

If you are encouraged by our work and value our efforts to transform the way mission is done among the urban poor, we invite you to help us meet our goal of 50 new family and individual donors in the committing to a one time gift or giving $10, $25, $50, or $100 a month. As a result, we will be sending little updates twice a month to share with our Little Way partners so that you can see the fruits of your partnership with us. Please consider becoming a thread in the fabric of a beautiful tapestry of grace that God is weaving through grassroots artisans here in Guatemala City.

Note:  In order for donors to receive a tax deduction all monies given to the international offices are routed through CTM Resource Center. 

Here are four ways you can give.

1.  Old Fashion Way: Checks earmarked for CTM Guatemala and made Payable to:Center for Transforming Mission1121 Tacoma Avenue SouthTacoma, WA 98402

2.  Visa On Line: Through our website here.

3.  Online Bill Pay: If you do on-line banking – go to bill pay option online and enter the customer as Center for Transforming Mission with the address 1121 Tacoma Avenue South, Tacoma, WA 98402.  It’s quite easy and can be set up as direct deposit.

4. Monthly Bank Deposits. You can go to your bank and ask them to make a monthly withdrawal from your account to ours.  If you are interested in this option, please write any of our staff and we will get you our bank information for those deposits.

  1. Felicito por esas pequeñas cosas que provocan grandes cambios

  2. oscar muñoz salinas.

    me gustaria trabajar con ustedes cuento con experiencia en varios de los temas que apoyan y pues esta seria mi manera de sembrar. en estos proyectos.

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